FreeSWITCH and Yealink Announce the Latest Interoperability

Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, announced today the completion of Yealink latest phone array T4S Series (including T48S, T46S, T42S and T41S) and T27G interoperability testing with FreeSWITCH, a scalable open source cross-platform telephony platform (FS version 1.6~64bit). As the world’s first cross-platform scalable free multi-protocol soft switch, FreeSWITCH is designed to route and interconnect popular communication protocols using audio, video, text, or any other form of media. With today's release of …

An exciting announcement from the FreeSWITCH Community!

Introducing the Penrose Institute

Written By: Abbi Minessale


The FreeSWITCH community is excited to share that James Tagg, a longstanding fixture in the voip community, is a founding member of the Penrose Institute. James Tagg is an inventor and entrepreneur. A pioneer of touchscreen technology, he has founded several companies, including Truphone, the world’s first global mobile network. He holds numerous patents, filed in over a hundred countries. He studied Physics and Computer Science at Manchester University, Design at …

FreeSWITCH Tips and Tricks

Hello FreeSWITCHers!
The FreeSWITCH team is working hard on getting version 1.8 ready for release. While you wait, we thought you might be interested in learning a few FreeSWITCH tricks you can try yourself. We had a look into our cookbook and found a few recipes you may be interested in. Have a look and don't forget you can learn even more about FreeSWITCH and other open source projects at ClueCon 2017 by visiting Don't miss …

ClueCon 2016 registration is open!!


FreeSWITCHers! ClueCon 2016 registration is open! Navigate over to to get signed up!

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2600hz is hosting a FreeSWITCH boot camp! Get in on the action to learn the ins and outs of FreeSWITCH! The FreeSWITCH Bootcamp is an intense three-day training, providing in-depth coverage of FreeSWITCH installation, configuration, maintenance and programming so that you can build your business. The bootcamp will be hosted in the brand new office in beautiful San Francisco. Go into the bootcamp as a Novice -- and come out as a FreeSWITCH guru. Early bird pricing lasts until November 27th …

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