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Community Spotlight: FreeSWITCH Chinese Community

By: Abbi Minessale Category: Blog Uncategorized Posted: September 08, 2017

On August 17th, 2017 Seven Du held the sixth installment of the FreeSWITCH-CN developers salon held in Beijing, China. The conference was a big success and the team was so excited that they were invited to give a presentation about their project. While the team members were all scattered about the United States, the weather in Beijing was beautiful that day!

The FreeSWITCH Team called into a FreeSWITCH video conference room in preparation for their talk at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, which was 9:00 AM in China. The team spent the time discussing some of the origin stories of FreeSWITCH, reminiscing about how the project got started and what it means to them personally. Anthony then gave a presentation on the structure of FreeSWITCH. A tough aspect when communicating internationally is the language barrier, but the conference attendees found that seeing the speech slides up on the conference call helped them understand the english content better, rather than just listening. Seven Du also helped translate questions that the attendees had for the team so that we could understand.

The team had never spoken at the Beijing conference before, so there was some trial and error involved. We all had a lot of fun solving the problems that arose. In fact, moments before we were scheduled to present, Anthony Minessale found a bug in the Verto Communicator that was affecting the call, and quickly fixed it before anyone noticed.

The team also encouraged attendees to join the FreeSWITCH community and described the many different ways to get involved. This includes the contribution of code, reporting bugs, testing and using our software, and donating to our project! Another way to participate in the community is to come to our annual ClueCon developers conference held in Chicago. It’s a conference for developers by developers so you can get to know the community in person and have a chance to solve problems that you might be stuck on. You can register at

Verto is an excellent tool to communicate with peers from all over the world, and Seven’s conference was a great way to demonstrate this! We enjoyed being able to reach out to the members of our community and having the opportunity to discuss our project. People from all over the world use FreeSWITCH to communicate, including Uganda, Italy, Sweden, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, The United States, and many more! Thank you to all of you who support our work.

Thank you again to Seven Du for inviting the FreeSWITCH team to speak at the FreeSWITCH-CN developers salon. The team is preparing to visit more conferences, including AstriCon this October, so make sure to find our booth and say hello!

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