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Permissions Corrected

I discovered that we had 2 different permissions groups after the Crowd back-end database was merged with the JIRA user database. Unfortunately, the larger group was not assigned any permissions at all in Confluence which is why most of the docs team experienced trouble. I moved everybody into the confluence-editors group and assigned that group the proper permissions so you all should be able to add and edit pages as necessary. Sorry for the mixup.


Belaid Areski has created a Google Docs spreadsheet to track the status of each page on the old wiki and who is handling it. Because access must be restricted please contact Areski if you prefer to use a particular account to access the spreadsheet.

He revealed that many of the old wiki pages do not need to be moved over to Confluence, but that still leaves a huge number of pages yet to be processed. Since the docs-team group permissions are now corrected, please begin copying pages over from the old wiki and mark them in the spreadsheet.


When you copy a page from the old wiki over to Confluence, mark it "Moved" and enter the new URL under "New URL". Confluence uses the page title as the URL so avoid special characters and keep it short and simple.

If you edit the page to meet the Confluence Guidelines, then mark it "Editing" and enter your name or handle in the "Editing by" field.

Once you have completed editing the page, mark it "Completed" in the spreadsheet and find another page to attack.