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There are various methods to restricting the presentation of Caller*ID.

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Setting CID Method

In the channel: Channel_Variables#Caller_ID_Related, specifically: sip_cid_type

In the gateway: Sofia Gateway Authentication Params- you can set "caller-id-in-from" to be true.





origination_privacy - Sets privacy profile for caller. Options are "screen", "hide_name", "hide_number".

<action application="set" data="origination_privacy=hide_name"/>

Or you can use : as a deliminator

<action application="set" data="origination_privacy=hide_name:hide_number:screen"/>
  • Caller-Privacy-Hide-Name privacy_hide_name .
  • Caller-Privacy-Hide-Number privacy_hide_number This variable tells you if the inbound call is asking for CLIR[Calling Line ID presentation Restriction] (either with anonymous method or Privacy:id method)