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This page explains how to get involved and help with the FreeSWITCH documentation project.

This is a great opportunity for non-programmers to contribute to FreeSWITCH and ensure that FreeSWITCH has great documentation to match the great code base.


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Help Improve the Documentation

Do you know mod_callcenter inside-out? Have you tricked out the conference bridge to make it do neat, useful things? Are you a perl script wizard?

You can help update the documentation of FreeSWITCH by joining the Docs Team, especially if you are an expert at a particular module or application of FreeSWITCH.

Create a JIRA account if you haven't already.This allows you to access Confluence and all the Atlassian applications associated with the FreeSWITCH™ project.

Then, send a message to John Boteler or Italo Rossi requesting to be added to the confluence-editors group.

How To Get Started

Learn Basics of Confluence

Please watch this video, at least the first 30minutes, it will teach you the basics of Confluence (starting at minute 5:00 )

Create Your Personal Space

Your personal space is a place where you can publish your own pages and play around in a sandbox to see what Confluence can do.

Help In Moving Pages From the Old Wiki

We are closing in on moving the last pages from MediaWiki to Confluence. Watch for announcements of docs sprints.

It is essential to follow the workflow on the Wiki Migration page so that you don't perform duplicate work and waste your time.

Why We Are Migrating

  • To improve the FreeSWITCH documentation
  • Wiki ( has become very unorganized
  • To start fresh with a new, well thought-out layout and ToC
  • To integrate with JIRA


Start Helping With Formatting Pages

First read carefully our Confluence guidelines : Confluence Wiki Standards and Guidelines

A lot of pages have been moved already but still need reformatting; this is an easy way to get started with the FreeSWITCH documentation project.

Once you are comfortable with basics of Confluence, it will be more easy to start your own page and help moving the old wiki pages to Confluence.

How to help with formatting and layout? Well, some pages may still need to have code samples placed into the "code macro" (, long pages may need a proper 'Table of Contents' macro inserted near the top, and basically anything that you can think of to make the page look better.


Purpose of Confluence

Confluence should be an up-to-date document presenting best practices and functional descriptions of installing and maintaining FreeSWITCH. Make Confluence closer to a book narrative, remove programmatic stuff from outline. Confluence should always match the current version of code. When a branch is declared to be a release version, a snapshot of the Confluence space will be taken at the same time to document that version of the code as it existed at the time.

Version Control

anthm wants the documentation to match the currently available software. The term "stable" is deprecated. A "stable" release only means that it is no longer being touched by developers, not that it is free of bugs, so there is nothing magical about that term. Keeping only one documentation knowledge base that matches current code base parallels the idea that JIRA tickets will only be considered if tested against the latest code base. This makes documentation easier because it evolves with the software and there's only one knowledge base to update.