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Instructions for installing FreeSWITCH™ on DragonFlyBSD as vetted by bkw__ in June, 2014.

Maintainer Needed

We need YOU to maintain this port of FreeSWITCH. Please contact one of the FreeSWITCH core developers on Freenode IRC channel #freeswitch or the mailing list to help them keep the code current for this operating system.

sudo pkg_radd autoconf automake bzip2 curl git gmake jpeg ldns libtool openssl pcre pkgconf speex sqlite3 wget libedit

mkdir ~/src
cd ~/src
tar zxf libedit-20140618-3.1.tar.gz

cd libedit-20140618-3.1
./configure --prefix=/usr/local

sudo gmake install

cd ~/src
git clone 

cd freeswitch.git
./ -j
./configure -C
sudo gmake install cd-sounds-install cd-moh-install