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FreeSWITCH tries to leverage existing Open Source libraries and projects. Note that when a "make installall" is done, these are downloaded for you; you do not have to download and install them yourself (in fact even if you do, they are ignored). 

The only code that is not downloaded is mod_cepstral, which relies on the commercial product from In that case you have to download and install it yourself.

The definitive source of all required libs is the libs directory under source control. The module dependencies can be determined by grepping for in module Makefiles.

The "freeswitch" module indicates that it is used by core.

Library NameProject NameLicenseModule(s)Use
apr and apr-utilAPR - Apache Portable RuntimeApachefreeswitch 
curlcURLMITmod_php, mod_spidermonkey, mod_xml_rpc 
dingalinglibDingalingMPLmod_dingalingto talk Google Talk, part of FreeSWITCH project
freetdmFreeTDMBSDmod_freetdmTDM abstraction library
howlHowlMITmod_zeroconfZeroconf implementation (why not use Apple's mDNSResponder now that it is Open Source?)
iksemeliksemelLGPLmod_dingaling, mod_xmpp_eventXML parser with extra Jabber support
libfreeradius-clientlibfreeradius-clientBSDmod_radius_cdrRADIUS client library
openldapOpenLDAPMITmod_ldapLDAP client
portaudioPortAudioMITmod_portaudiocross-platform audio device API
pcrePCREMITfreeswitchPerl Compatible Regular Expressions
resampleLib ResampleLGPLfreeswitch 
sndfilelibsndfileLGPLmod_sndfileLibrary for reading and writing sound files
sofia-sipSofia-SIPLGPLmod_sofiaSIP user agent library from Nokia
speexSpeexMITmod_speexaudio codec from
g726 Sun MIT-stylemod_g726codec
g7xx Public Domain + Sun MIT-stylemod_g722codec
ilbciLBCMPL-ish plus must comply with RFCmod_ilbclow-bandwidth codec
lpc10LPC-10apparently free - modification of DOD sourcemod_lpc10codec
sangomalibsangoma mod_wanpipe 
sqliteSQLitePublic Domainfreeswitch 
spandspSpanDSPLGPLmod_spandspVoIP codecs and FAX applications
srtpSRTPMITfreeswitchSecure RTP
teletonelibteletoneMPLfreeswitchDTMF tone detection, part of FreeSWITCH
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