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Overview of options available for using Java to connect with the Event Socket [old wiki]

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Java Connection Options

There are at least three options for using Java to connect to the FreeSWITCH Event Socket.

esl.jar (freeswitch core)

  • License: Same as FreeSWITCH
  • Available: esl.jar can be built as part of FreeSWITCH code base
  • Features:
    • Automatically generated by SWIG from core C ESL interfaces (so by definition, always up to date with core ESL).
    • Requires the native esl_lib dependencies to available at runtime.
    • An example is provided at bottom of this page Event Socket Library.


org.freeswitch.esl.client (freeswitch-contrib)

  • License: Apache v2
  • Available: In freeswitch-contrib git repository, see Java ESL Client for details and usage.
  • Features:
    • Inbound and outbound
    • Handles event bodies
    • Built using maven, and OSGi ready
    • Runtime dependencies only on the excellent Netty (Apache License) and SLF4j (MIT License) libraries

Now this Java ESL Client is available and update on github , welcome you to join us. ^_^

fs_eslib (Versafon)