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Installation guidance for various linux distributions. The FreeSWITCH™ core development team has standardized on Debian and recommends it for all deployments.

Users who are familiar with other distributions are welcome to help the project maintain these installation instructions.

We dropped support in packaging for anything older than Debian 9 and anything older than Centos 7 due to a number of dependency issues on older platforms.


Debian 10 Buster

As of the release of FreeSWITCH version 1.10 the reference platform is Debian 10 “Buster”. Please use the instructions on the Debian 10 Buster page.

RHEL, Fedora, CentOS

Red Hat Enterprise linux, derived from Fedora, and CentOS can all use the same Makefile and init instructions shown on the CentOS page.


FreeSWITCH can be installed from packages for Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04. Please see the pages for Ubuntu+14.04+Trusty or Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial for installation instructions.