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Basic Dialplan Usage

It's easy to use the pre-existing value of a variable to change call flow, an example, found in the default configuration:

This will run the info app anytime a call hits this extension with the call_debug variable set to true.

Trimming and Substrings

You can select a portion of a variable's value, (just like a substr function) like this:

Using anything <= 0 as the length will return from the specified position to the end of the string.

Search and replace

Using an inline Lua command, you can perform a search and replace against a text string:

From the dialplan:

From the CLI:

Setting a variable as undefined

You can set a variable to _undef_.

by default you might see

if you set

you get

FYI: in Version 1.0.4 (exported) this will result in

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