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Music on Hold (MOH) is not a central component, and it's dependent on endpoints supporting it.

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To download the default FreeSWITCH Music on Hold files at all the sample rates (8000, 16000, 32000, 48000) you must run this command inside the FreeSWITCH source directory:

make cd-moh-install

Or just download the files freeswitch-sounds-music-RESOLUTION-VERSION.tar.gz directly from

How it works on the telephone

In the case of call waiting on a single line phone connected to an ATA, it works like this:
  1. Second incoming call comes in.
  2. Phone plays call waiting beep.
  3. User hits flash button.
  4. ATA sends a SIP INVITE message to FreeSWITCH, and in the SDP it says "sendonly"
  5. FreeSWITCH receives the SIP INVITE and plays the hold music (assuming correctly configured).

Royalty-free Music Sources

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