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A compilation of tips and techniques to build and run FreeSWITCH™ on an Raspberry Pi.


The Raspberry PI usually runs Linux, but because it has another processor architecture the normal linux / Debian packages won't work. On this page the installation is described for Raspberry PI.

Installation Script

The FreeSWITCH Team offers an installation script for the Raspberry Pi. Click the "Raw file" link in the upper right to make it easy to copy and paste the script commands into your RPi wget command.

Be sure to surround the argument to wget in double quotes " " to escape the ampersand in the URI.

This will install FreeSWITCH, Verto Communicator, and a TLS key from Let's Encrypt. The RaspberryPi 3 has enough CPU cores and horsepower to handle video.

Encryption is required in modern WebRTC so the free certificate from Let's Encrypt is a great way to start. It lasts for a limited time, but avoids the problems with self-signed certs.

Building the binaries yourself.

Please see the Debian from source installation instructions.



  1. The instructions above do not work with Raspbian Lite.  A working script, in a pull request, is at:

    You just need the script, and you're good.  It will install prerequisites, get source, build, and then install to /usr/local/freeswitch.  Once it's done, you can start FreeSWITCH, and connect a phone to the default accounts.

    The script builds and installs for the minimum configuration.  This, of course, can be easily changed to build the vanilla configuration, if you just want to let the Pi chug overnight.  Yes, you can immediately connect VOIP clients to it at the default extensions of 1000-1019.  This has been tested with Linphone.

    1. Thank you very much for this. I have added you to the confluence-editors group if you would care to improve these instructions as your time allows. I think this is a great application for the RPi, myself.

      Thanks again.

    2. One caution, however: the FreeSWITCH team can only permit links to their own repository or those of Debian and others that are trusted. If these updated instructions link to an untrusted source such as another developer's repo, then they won't allow it for security reasons.

    3. I've created a bug indicating a few issues with the script. For the time being, I build from souce. (smile)

      1. Cool, thanks. Ultimately the core dev team hopes to use their build system to create packages that do most of what is needed to get an RPi up and running quickly.