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mod_console simply lets the user control the console messages.

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There are just a few global options in console.conf.xml, which are found in the <settings> section:

The colorize parameter can be commented out or set to "false" which will cause all console message to be monochrome.

The loglevel parameter specifies the default log level when starting FreeSWITCH. (See Log Levels below.)

See the comments in console.conf.xml for additional guidance.



Log Levels

The available loglevels can be specified by number or name:

2 - CRIT
3 - ERR
6 - INFO


Colors are specified here

API commands

The console API command can be used to view and modify the colorize and loglevel settings. They can be used from the console, ESL (including fs_cli) or from dialplan (although that seems less useful).


To see the current setting:

To change the logging level:

This only affects the console, not mod_logfile or clients such as fs_cli.


To see the current setting:

To turn on/off colorization:

This only affects the console, not mod_logfile or clients such as fs_cli.

Hot Keys (defaults)

Note: These can be changed in switch.conf.xml

  • F1: 'help'
  • F2: 'status'
  • F3: 'show channels'
  • F4: 'show calls'
  • F5: 'sofia status'
  • F6: 'reloadxml'
  • F7: 'console loglevel 0'
  • F8: 'console loglevel 7'
  • F9: 'sofia status profile internal'
  • F10: 'sofia profile internal siptrace on'
  • F11: 'sofia profile internal siptrace off'
  • F12: 'version'

General Usage

The console has (customizable) tab completion, as well as aliases, etc. It can be configured to be in colour, or plain.
Most of the FSAPI is available at the console, so use it wisely.

Command-Line Editing

As of SVN r13964, functionality in libeditline has been exposed that allows you to customize your command line for the purposes of
editing. For documentation on this matter, see editrc(5).


vi-style command line editing, contents of $HOME/.editrc :

emacs-style command line editing, contents of $HOME/.editrc :

Many other options are possible. Read the editrc(5) manpage for details.