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Reset all bypass/proxy media flags.


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Use this application if you need to reset the media flags of a session before bridging a subsequent call.

Consider this use case:

Initially, A-Leg is bridged with:

Our first attempt is to leave FS out of the media path and let A-Leg and B-Leg to exchange media. This is good for performance.

What if the call is rejected with Status 488? This normally means that negotiation between A-leg and B-leg has not been successful. In that case we can either relay 488 to the A-leg, or we can try to resend the call with a new set of codecs.

Before media_reset existed we tried:

This approach failed. If this second call was successful the provisional responses (180, 183) failed to be relayed to the A-leg. Once the call connected the audio session was correctly established, but there was no ringback tone (or any other early media).

The application media_reset fixes this. The dialplan xml chunk of this second call becomes simply this:


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