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  1. CDR

    Compatible CDR Module with PostgreSQL interface. mod_cdr_sqlite - saves directly to an sqlite DB…
  2. CDR and accounting variables

    About These variables are used in various modules related to CDR and accounting: Module name mod_cdr_csv mod_cdr_sqlite mod_xml_ldap mod_nibblebill…
  3. mod_xml_cdr

    . In the example CDR this value is 39583335. Troubleshooting Error loading module 2007-06-27 17:59:12 [ERR] switch_loadable_module.c:714…
  4. mod_cdr_mongodb

    About This module stores CDRs (Call Detail Record) directly to a MongoDB database. Install & Configure To compile the module in FreeSWITCH, uncomment the module
  5. mod_odbc_cdr

    . The module also checks for the channel variable "odbc-cdr-ignore-leg". If "odbc-cdr-ignore-leg=true", the CDR data is ignored by mod_odbc_cdr. This allows you to selectively ignore…
  6. mod_format_cdr

    is currently not re-used between CDRs.) The cred field should contain "login:password" for authentication. If submission of the CDR using url fails, the module will fallback to file…
  7. Features

    , mod java, modules Flexible CDR system XML CDR CSV CDR Flexible CSV CDRs that create…
  8. mod_cdr_sqlite

    About This module logs call detail records (CDRs) directly to a SQLite database, using templates to define the field order for the SQL insert. These templates along…
  9. Gentoo

    ) amr_wb AMR-WB (Wideband) pass-through codec module (mod_amrwb) bv Broadvoice HD (Wideband) codec (mod_bv) cdr_csv CSV (Comma-Separated-Value) CDR (Call-Detail-Record) module
  10. mod_cdr_pg_csv

    About This module logs call detail records (CDRs) directly to a PostgreSQL database, using the schema defined in the config file (freeswitch/conf/autoload_configs…