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  1. CDR

    choice of ODBC database. mod_cdr_pg_csv - Asterisk Compatible CDR Module with PostgreSQL … - RADIUS CDR Module. CDR via ESL - Retrieve the CDR
  2. CDR and accounting variables

    About These variables are used in various modules related to CDR and accounting: Module name mod_cdr_csv mod_cdr_sqlite mod_xml_ldap … switch_core_state_machine.c 7212 skip_cdr_causes This is a list of call hangup causes that should not trigger cdr processing. Implemented By:  Module
  3. mod_xml_cdr

    CDRs are written to. If enabled logs to a yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss subdirectory of log-dir created when the module loads, and rotates to new directory on SIGHUP … is independent -- you may have both without conflict, they will not communicate with each other. cdr modules
  4. mod_odbc_cdr

    in configuration. The module also checks for the channel variable "odbc-cdr-ignore-leg". If "odbc-cdr-ignore-leg=true", the CDR data is ignored by mod_odbc_cdr … "/>       modules logging cdr
  5. mod_cdr_mongodb

    About This module stores CDRs (Call Detail Record) directly to a MongoDB database. Install & Configure To compile the module in FreeSWITCH, uncomment the module in modules.conf and add the module to freeswitch/conf/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml for autoload. Uncomment in modules.conf: event_handlers
  6. mod_cdr_pg_csv

    About This module logs call detail records (CDRs) directly to a PostgreSQL database, using the schema defined in the config file (freeswitch/conf … , write_codec varchar, sip_hangup_disposition varchar, ani varchar ); modules cdr
  7. mod_json_cdr

    of the CDR using url fails, the module will fallback to file mode using each err-log-dir. Output (example CDRs) The JSON layout contains four sections … <configuration name="json_cdr.conf" description="JSON CDR"> <settings> <!-- Global parameters --> <param name="log-b-leg" value="true
  8. mod_format_cdr

    between CDRs.) The cred field should contain "login:password" for authentication. If submission of the CDR using url fails, the module will fallback to file … $sip_user_agent; ?> modules cdr Updated a link
  9. mod_cdr_sqlite

    About This module logs call detail records (CDRs) directly to a SQLite database, using templates to define the field order for the SQL insert. These templates … /freeswitch/dbby default). The file extension .db is automatically appended to the db-name. <param name="db-name" value="cdr"/> The DB table name is specified
  10. Features

    java, modules Flexible CDR system XML CDR CSV CDR Flexible CSV CDRs that create INSERT lines for inserting CDRs into db tables. Call Groups (Ring Groups) See Call Groups