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  1. CDR via ESL

    variable hangup_complete_with_xml=true, then the body of that event will be a full XML CDR See also mod_cdr_ * modules (e.g., mod_cdr_pg_csv, mod_cdr_csv … examples Add info on CDR modules
  2. CDR

    choice of ODBC database. mod_cdr_pg_csv - Asterisk Compatible CDR Module with PostgreSQL … - RADIUS CDR Module. CDR via ESL - Retrieve the CDR
  3. CDR and accounting variables

    About These variables are used in various modules related to CDR and accounting: Module name mod_cdr_csv mod_cdr_sqlite mod_xml_ldap … switch_core_state_machine.c 7212 skip_cdr_causes This is a list of call hangup causes that should not trigger cdr processing. Implemented By:  Module
  4. mod_xml_cdr

    CDRs are written to. If enabled logs to a yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss subdirectory of log-dir created when the module loads, and rotates to new directory on SIGHUP … is independent -- you may have both without conflict, they will not communicate with each other. cdr modules
  5. mod_odbc_cdr

    in configuration. The module also checks for the channel variable "odbc-cdr-ignore-leg". If "odbc-cdr-ignore-leg=true", the CDR data is ignored by mod_odbc_cdr … "/>       modules logging cdr
  6. mod_cdr_csv

    0. About This module allows you to log call detail records (CDRs) to a text file using text generation templates. These templates along with the default … in the <templates> section of your <conf_dir>/autoload_configs/cdr_csv.conf.xml. Default value: default legs Choose whether the module will save CDRs
  7. mod_cdr_mongodb

    About This module stores CDRs (Call Detail Record) directly to a MongoDB database. Install & Configure To compile the module in FreeSWITCH, uncomment the module in modules.conf and add the module to freeswitch/conf/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml for autoload. Uncomment in modules.conf: event_handlers
  8. mod_json_cdr

    of the CDR using url fails, the module will fallback to file mode using each err-log-dir. Output (example CDRs) The JSON layout contains four sections … <configuration name="json_cdr.conf" description="JSON CDR"> <settings> <!-- Global parameters --> <param name="log-b-leg" value="true
  9. mod_cdr_pg_csv

    About This module logs call detail records (CDRs) directly to a PostgreSQL database, using the schema defined in the config file (freeswitch/conf … , write_codec varchar, sip_hangup_disposition varchar, ani varchar ); modules cdr
  10. mod_cdr_sqlite

    About This module logs call detail records (CDRs) directly to a SQLite database, using templates to define the field order for the SQL insert. These templates … /freeswitch/dbby default). The file extension .db is automatically appended to the db-name. <param name="db-name" value="cdr"/> The DB table name is specified