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  • Select a page marked “Pending” on the spreadsheet to copy
  • Change Status to “Editing” and type your handle/name in the “Editor” column
  • Immediately copy the wiki page over to a new page in Confluence
    • Navigate to the desired parent page on Confluence
    • Click the CREATE button at the top to create a new child page under it
    • Select the FS template (which is of course ALLLLLLLLL the way at the bottom of the list)
    • Paste the page title or type a new one (this will become part of the hyperlink to the new page, so choose wisely)
    • Copy or type 1 or 2 short sentences under the About section describing the contents of the page.
    • Select the entire old MediaWiki page contents BELOW the wiki Table of Contents and copy
    • Move the cursor to the Confluence page after a couple CR/NL below the ToC macro and paste the entire wiki page contents
  • If you wish to edit the page to place code in the {code block or other pretty-fying, do those edits
  • Type a short message in the description box at the bottom
  • Check "Notify watchers" if you want HipChat and other followers to receive an update about the page edit
  • Click Save and check your work
  • Go back to the spreadsheet to mark this page as "Moved" if there is more work to be done, or "Complete" if it needs no more editing

We are most interested in copying all the pages from the old wiki , the as quickly as possible. The editing, formatting, and making pretty can be done later once all the pages have been migrated.