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NameDescriptionExample valueAllowed valueDefault valuePlayed forMin. Version
announce-countRequires TTS. If the number of members equals or exceeds this value, the conference will speak the count to the conference after a new member joins5



auto-gain-levelEnables Automatic Gain Control (AGC). If the parameter is set to 'true', then the default AGC value is used. If set to a number it will override the default value900<integer>|true1100

auto-recordSet a filename or stream value for this parameter in order to enable recording every conference call. Within mod_conference there is a special parameter named ${conference_name} that can be used to form the record filename. All channel variables are accessible as well for generating a unique filename. NOTE: auto-record doesn't begin recording until the number of conferees specified in min-required-recording-participants have joined.

Example 1: /var/myNFSshare/${conference_name}_${strftime(%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S)}.wav

Example 2: shout://

Example 3: /var/myNFSshare/${conference_name}_${strftime(%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S)}.mp4 will give you audio and video recording.


broadcast-chat-messageMessage to send in response to chat messages.Please go away.<string>

caller-controlsName of the caller control group to use for this profile. It must be one of those specified in the <caller-controls> sectionsomekeys<control-name>default

moderator-controlsName of the moderator control group to use for this profile. It must be one of those specified in the <caller-controls> sectionsomekeys<control-name>default

cdr-log-dirTarget directory for conference CDRs to be written. Use "auto" to store in $PREFIX/log/conference_cdr. An absolute path is acceptable as is a relative path. A relative path will yield $PREFIX/log/<value> for the conference CDR directoryauto<path>|auto

cdr-event-modeInclude full cdr or path to file in conference cdr eventcontentcontent|file|none

caller-id-nameDefault Caller ID Name for outbound calls originated by mod_conferenceFreeSWITCH<string>conference

caller-id-numberDefault Caller ID Number for outbound calls originated by mod_conference8777423583<string>


channelsThe number of audio channels. Special value "auto" sets this based on the channels of the first member to enter11|2|auto1
comfort-noiseSets the volume level of background white noise to add to the conference. Special value "true" sets to default value. 0 for no CN (total silence).14000-10000|true1400

conference-flagsCan be any combination of allowed values separated by "|" (pipe character).wait-mod|audio-always

See Table Conference Flags below

descriptionDescription of the conference that is included in some eventsThe main conference<string>

domainThe domain name used for presence events from conferences$${domain}<string>

energy-levelNoise gate. Energy level required for audio to be sent to the other users. The energy level is a minimum threshold of 'voice energy' that must be present before audio is bridged into the conference. Useful if a participant is in a noisy environment, so their background noise is heard only when they speak. 0 disables the noise gate and will bridge all packets even if they are only background noise.3000-1800

intervalNumber of milliseconds per frame. Which may be different from ptime in SIP SDP, or driver with TDM. Higher numbers require less CPU but can degrade conversation quality, so experimentation with your setup is best. The default is good for conversation quality. Special "auto" value sets interval based on interval of the first member who enters.2010-120 (only if divisible by 10) or auto

max-membersSets a maximum number of participants in conferences with this setting in its profile.20Integer > 1

member-flagsCan be any combination of allowed values separated by "|". See table below for descriptions.nomoh|muteSee Table Member Flags below

pinPin code that must be entered before user is allowed to enter the conference.12345<sritng>

moderator-pinPin code that must be entered before moderator is allowed to enter the conference.12345<string>

pin-retriesMax number of times the user or moderator will be asked for PIN3

<integer> >= 0


rateAudio sample rate. Special value "auto" sets this based on the rate of the first member to enter.8000

8000, 12000, 16000, 24000, 32000, 44100, 48000, auto

sound-prefixSet a default path here so you can use relative paths in the other sound params./soundfiles<path-string>

suppress-eventsFor use with the event socket. This parameter is a comma delimited string that specifies which events will NOT be sent to the socket when getting CUSTOM conference::maintenance events.adddel-member,del-memberstart-talking,stop-talkingSee Table Conference Events below

terminate-on-silenceSpecifies the number of contiguous seconds of silence after which the conference will automatically terminate and disconnect all members.300<integer> > 0

timer-nameName of the timer interface in freeswitch to use for timing the conferencesoft<timer-name>soft

tts-engineText-To-Speech (TTS) Engine to usecepstral<tts-name>

tts-voiceTTS Voice to usedavid<tts-voice>

verbose-eventsEvents related to the conference will send more data. Specifically the events related to members will include all the channel variables on each eventtruetrue|falsefalse

alone-soundFile to play if you are alone in the conferenceyactopitc.wav<sound-path>
bad-pin-soundFile to play to when the pin is invalidinvalid-pin.wav<sound-path>
enter-soundFile to play when you join the conferencewelcome.wav<sound-path>
exit-soundFile to play when you leave the conferenceexit.wav<sound-path>
is-locked-soundFile to play when the conference is locked during the call to the members in the conferenceis-locked.wav<sound-path>
is-unlocked-soundFile to play when the conference is unlocked during the callis-unlocked.wav<sound-path>
join-only-soundFile to play when member with join-only flag tries to create the conference (join as the first).no_reources_try_later.wav<sound-path>
kicked-soundFile to play when you are kicked from the conferencekicked.wav<sound-path>
locked-soundFile to play when the conference is locked and someone goes to joinlocked.wav<sound-path>
max-members-soundIf max-members has been reached, this sound plays instead of allowing new users to the conferencemax-members.wav<sound-path>
moh-soundthe given sound file/resource will be played only when the conference size is 1 member. It will loop over and over until the member count is 2 or more. When the conference goes back to 1 member it will play againidlemusic.wav<sound-path>
muted-soundFile to play when member is mutedmuted.wav<sound-path>
mute-detect-soundIf the mute-detect member-flag has been set, this sound plays when the user talks while mutedmute-detect.wav<sound-path>
perpetual-soundThe given sound file/resource will be played on a loop forever. This can be used to broadcast sales or emergency messages to callers.announcement.wav<sound-path>
pin-soundFile to prompt the user to enter the conference pin<sound-path>
unmuted-soundFile to play when member is unmuted.unmuted.wav<sound-path>
ivr-dtmf-timeoutInter-digit timeout between DTMF digits in milliseconds500

<integer> >= 500


ivr-input-timeoutTime to wait for the first DTMF in milliseconds, zero = forever0<integer> >= 5000 or 00

endconf-grace-timeDefines how much time all members have before the conference is terminated when the last member with endconf leaves in seconds600<integer> >= 00

min-required-recording-participantsMinimum number of conference participants required for their audio to be heard in a recording and for auto recording to start. This can be either 1 (the default) or 2.11-21

outcall-templTemplate to use for outcall URL

video-modeThe mode to run video conferencing in. passthrough is non transcoded video follow audio. transcode allows for better switching and multiple codecs. mux allows for multiple parties on the video canvas at the same time





video-layout-nameThe layout name from conference_layouts.conf.xml or group prefixed by "group:". Setting this setting will enable the video mux. Not setting this will switch video presentation based on floor.



<layout-name> or group:<group-name>

video-canvas-bgcolor Overall Canvas color for video mux canvas as an HTML HEX color code #333333 <color-spec>




Color to use for bars on the caller video if their aspect ratio doesn’t fit the member square in the layout as an HTML HEX color code #FFFFFF <color-spec>


video-canvas-sizePixel dimensions of the video mux canvas800x600<integer>x<integer>

video-fpsFrames per second to run the video mux at15<integer>15

The bandwidth maximum for the conference output video stream, This setting can be auto, our defined in KB (kilobytes), mb (megabits) or MB (megabytes)


video-no-video-avatarPath to PNG file for member without video to display.

video-canvas-countNumber of canvases to use in mux mode11-51


video-qualityMotion factor of the video, this is used to adjust the video bitrate. From 1 to 4, low motion to high motion video. (ref. Kush Gauge formula for determining bitrate).11-41
video-border-colorBorder color around each video feed#FFFFFF<color-spec>#000000
video-border-sizeBorder size (in pixels) around each video feed5<integer> 0-500
video-mute-bannerSets the video mute banner text, font, font size, font color, and background color for the member. font_scale valid values 5-50, fg/bg hex color code, all settings besides text are optional.{font_face=/path/to/font.ttf,font_scale=5,bg=#000000,fg=#FFFFFF}VIDEO MUTED"/>

video-super-canvas-bgcolorBackground color of the supercanvas#FFFFFF<color-spec>#068DF3
video-super-canvas-label-layersLabel canvases in supercanvastrueBooleanfalse
video-super-canvas-show-all-layersDisplay all canvases, even empty onestrueBooleanfalse
video-auto-floor-msecMilliseconds of speaking before a speaker gets the floor800Integer >= 00
video-kps-debounceMilliseconds between sending packets to the client to request a client bitrate adjustment (video only). Note that FreeSWITCH may decide to force sending more frequently under certain circumstances.30000Integer >= 030000
auto-record-canvas-idWhich canvas on the supercanvas to auto record, (range is the )2Integer 1 - # of canvases1
video-layout-confSpecify an alternate conference layout config file.custom_conference_layouts.conf


The events that can be suppressed are:

add-member, del-member, energy-level, volume-level, gain-level, dtmf, stop-talking, start-talking, mute-member, unmute-member, kick-member, dtmf-member, energy-level-member, volume-in-member, volume-out-member, play-file, play-file-member, speak-text, speak-text-member, lock, unlock, transfer, bgdial-result and floor-change.