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The FreeSWITCH™ numbering format is "version.release.maintenance". The release numbering convention is even numbers for production releases current public releases and odd numbers for development branches.


The primary FreeSWITCH™ releases are: Current productionCurrent public release, recommended for production systems. Current branch, contains in-test fixes since the current productionpublic release, intended as the next maintenance release. Master development, containing the latest fixes and features, intended as the next major release.

titleA Note About Bugs and Issues

If you find bugs or issues with the current production versionpublic release, they must be tested using the latest Master because it's possible the problem was fixed. Also, the developers require all bugs to be tested using the latest Master before considering any bug reports.

 If the bug persists in Master, then you must file a JIRA ticket.


If you're using

version 1.4 which is tagged End Of Life, you should upgrade to 1.6 NOW.

Download Current


Public Release

The current production current public version/release of FreeSWITCH™ recommended for production systems is 1.6, created 8 September, 2015 followed by maintenance levels. The current release of sounds and prompts is 1.0.51 as of 9 October, 2014.

The latest maintenance level of the current production public version of FreeSWITCH™ can be downloaded from freeswitch-files via a browser. If you're using linux it's much easier to copy/paste the long command line below. This single line performs: 1- Determines the latest stable production release public release available. 2- Downloads the compressed source file. 3- Decompresses the file into a folder in the current directory. 4- Renames the folder to freeswitch. If you don't want the folder renamed remove the last && to the end of the line.