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Users who are familiar with other distributions are welcome to help the project maintain these installation instructions.

A number of prospective users ask why they should use Debian to host

; here is the best answer from the lead developer:

titleA Word From Our Sponsor
On 2015.08.20 12:56 PM, Anthony Minessale wrote:
The main issue on Ubuntu 12 is that it's 5 years old and the packages on the system are not up to date with the versions needed for FreeSWITCH. Sometimes users find a way around it or it ends up back-ported.
Ubuntu is indeed designed for a desktop user. Some may have had success with using it for a server because, after all, its just linux and you can choose not to run the GUI.
The main reason everyone recommends Jessie is because we just spent an entire year synchronizing all of our dependancies and packaging FreeSWITCH to run on that platform. Other platforms are possible too but each individual platform takes many, many man-months of effort to resolve properly all of the dependancies.
To someone who just wants to use software, the complexity of packaging and distros is lost.
Most of the problems are related to countless fights with Ubuntu trying to get things to build and general annoyances. The issues in 12.04 are real, it's because the kernel is older and does not support newer hardware as well and there tends to be problems in the OpenSSL as it's being carefully back-ported with patches. It already takes some non-standard or manually built libraries to get it working. 14.x has a better chance, but there is not enough effort by the community to try to support it fully at this time.
So the short version is, if you don't care that much you have a much better chance of having FreeSWITCH work out of the box on Debian. If you don't use the video features and you are adventurous, you can certainly use even Ubuntu with success, but you will possibly end up with more snarky comments if you hit a nerve on someone you ask for help who remembers some past battle trying to get it working. Note

We dropped support in packaging for anything older than Debian 9 and anything older than Centos 7 due to a number of dependency issues on older platforms.


As of the release of FreeSWITCH version 1.10 the reference platform is Debian 10 “Buster”. Please use the instructions on the Debian 10 Buster page.

RHEL, Fedora, CentOS

See "A Word From Our Sponsor" above before proceeding.

Red Hat Enterprise linux, derived from Fedora, and CentOS can all use the same Makefile and init instructions shown on the CentOS page.


See "A Word From Our Sponsor" above before proceeding.

FreeSWITCH can be installed from packages for Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04. Please see the pages for Ubuntu+14.04+Trusty or Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial for installation instructions.