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Code Block
<configuration name="directory.conf" description="Directory">
    <profile name="default">
      <param name="max-menu-attempts" value="3"/>
      <param name="min-search-digits" value="3"/>
      <param name="terminator-key" value="#"/>
      <param name="digit-timeout" value="3000"/>
      <param name="max-result" value="5"/>
      <param name="next-key" value="6"/>
      <param name="prev-key" value="4"/>
      <param name="switch-order-key" value="*"/>
      <param name="select-name-key" value="1"/>
      <param name="new-search-key" value="3"/>
      <param name="search-order" value="last_name"/>
      <param name="use-number-alias" value="false"/>


Code Block
<action application="set" data="directory_search_order=first_name"/>


Setting this parameter to true will have directory search by the "number-alias" instead of "id" in user directory.

Dialplan Usage

To use directory from the dialplan: