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originate usage template

originate ALEG BLEG
Code Block
titleoriginate Example 1
originate {origination_caller_id_number=9005551212}sofia/default/whatever@wherever 19005551212 XML default CALLER_ID_NAME CALLER_ID_NUMBER

This will make a call out to sip:whatever@wherever with the Caller ID number set to 9005551212, then . After the A-leg supervises (is answered) it will send the call to the XML dialplan using context=default . Then the dialplan will process a call to 19005551212 with with the destination number of 19005551212 using the Caller ID name and number specified in the fields CALLER_ID_NAME and CALLER_ID_NUMBER.

Originate Example 2

Code Block
titleoriginate Example 2
originate {origination_caller_id_number=9005551212}sofia/default/whatever@wherever &bridge({origination_caller_id_number=8001234567}sofia/profile/

 This does the same thing as Example 1, but bypasses the dialplan and just sends it the connected A-leg directly to the bridge app for B-leg.

Additional Settings

You can also get fancy if you want to set additional channel variables in the originate command line: