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NOTE:  There is a new Advanced Voice Mail Detection (AVMD).  It is suggested that you use mod_avmd rather than this (mod_vmd).  mod_vmd is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

VMD stands for "Voice Mail Detection" and mod_vmd is designed to detect the beep sound at the end of voicemail or answering machine greetings. This is useful in cases where you wish to leave a recorded message on the recipient's message system but don't want to have the pregnant pause that is common when using wait_for_silence.


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<MikeJ> so.. it at least compiles on windows now..
<MikeJ> and I have super bitchy mode on
<MikeJ> so thats good
<ericdc> thats good
<MikeJ> anthm was suggesting making an application interface too
<MikeJ> probably makes sense to have one that just stays in the app till it gets the beep
<ericdc> it does have one
<ericdc> you can use it as an app
<MikeJ> why your right
<ericdc> lol I wrote it
<MikeJ> oh wait
<MikeJ> no.. I mean instead of an app that starts the media bug..
<ericdc> yes
<MikeJ> have a way to have it just block till beep
<ericdc> oh I see
<ericdc> you mean the app function would block?
<ericdc> it could be done I guess
<ericdc> without too many modifications
<MikeJ> yeah.. should be easy.. its a useful use case
<ericdc> so maybe a parameter to tell it to block
<ericdc> until a beep is detected
<ericdc> At the moment we have a lot of things until Dec 25th so I could add it before the new year?
<ericdc> possibly before that if we get ahead
<anthm> i just meant an app to turn the bug on and off
<anthm> so you could start the media bug in your dialplan
<anthm> or js
<anthm> or lua
<anthm> <action application="start_vm_detect"/>
<anthm> that returns instantly
<mercutioviz> I like that idea
<mercutioviz> quick, clean, efficient
<ericdc> It's already there
<ericdc> it has an app interface
<ericdc> you can also stop it
<ericdc> from the app interface
<ericdc> <action application="vmd" /> will start it I believe and the same command with the stop parameter will stop it
<anthm> ok
<anthm> i only looked at the wiki page
<anthm> that showed api way of doing it
<mercutioviz> I'll test it both ways and make sure the wiki is all correct
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<ericdc> the lua example I believe is using the app
<ericdc> not the api call
<mercutioviz> yeah, it's just doing session execute "vmd"
<anthm> ok
<anthm> then it's perfect

<mercutioviz> i just want to make sure that the call from the dp actually works, then we'll iron out the callback thingy
<ericdc> is it possible to catch callbacks with dialplans?
<mercutioviz> i don't think so? MikeJ?
<MikeJ> ericdc: the events you mean? ... no
<MikeJ> thats why the blocking app is interesting
<MikeJ> like how we do in wait for silence
<ericdc> okay then it's official it unsupported in the dial plan until I add it which is before the end of the month
<MikeJ> unless I get board :D