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New To You
A new folder (directory) named /usr/local, it's part of the Linux/UNIX standard directories. We'll also use the Linux/Unix commands: cdmkdirlscpmv,chmodchown, and sudo. You don't need to learn about them unless you change the steps or directories used in this document.



The manual installation steps below involve downloading and installing the following software:

It takes one to two hours to have the sample FreeSWITCH™ configuration running on macOS. There's extra information for technical people who want it, don't be concerned if you don't understand it.



All of the software this procedure installs can be removed easily. However, to restore to a point where nothing was added or changed, a backup is required.

Terminal Application Preferences

The Terminal application is used extensively during installation. The following changes are highly recommended:

  1. Copy Terminal in the Applications/Utilities folder into the Dock for quick access.
  2. Start the Terminal application by clicking it in the dock. Then open its preferences panel.
  3. In Settings–>Profiles–>Window change the Window Size to larger values such as 140x48 to reduce having to resize the window often.


Code Block
brew install autoconf automake curl signalwire/homebrew/fliteffmpeg jpeg ldns libpq libsndfile libtiff libtool lua openssl opus pcre pkg-config speex speexdsp sqlite yasm signalwire/homebrew-signalwire/flite signalwire/homebrew-signalwire/libks signalwire/homebrew-signalwire/signalwire-c

Ignore any keg-only messages, they mean an alias (link) for the package was not placed into /usr/local/bin because brew found that macOS has another version installed. This is not a problem because the FreeSWITCH™ installation process searches Homebrew directories to find prerequisite packages.

titleAlready had some prerequisites installed?

If non-Apple compilers are installed, or prerequisites were installed without homebrew, there may be problems.



Download FreeSWITCH™

macOS is now ready to download and install FreeSWITCH™. First, change to the directory the source will be downloaded into:


The primary FreeSWITCH™ releases are: Current public release, recommended for production systems. Current branch, contains in-test fixes since current public release, intended as the next maintenance release. Master development, containing the latest fixes and features, intended as the next major release. Additional Information is located at Source Options.


Download Current Public Release

Current public release FreeSWITCH™ versions in zip format are downloaded Download the current public release of FreeSWITCH™ from freeswitch-files, then decompress, rename and move the unzipped directory to /usr/local/src. It's much easier to copy/paste the long line below into the You can copy the long line below and paste it into a Terminal command line. This single line performs: 1- Determines the latest public release available. 2- Downloads the compressed source file. 3- Decompresses the file into a folder in the current directory (should be /usr/local/src/). 4- Renames the folder to freeswitch.

Code Block
FSfile=$(curl -s | sed -n 's/.*"\(freeswitch\-[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.tar\.gzbz2\)".*/\1 /p' | tail -n 1) && echo Downloading $FSfile && curl$FSfile | tar -xzxj && mv ${FSfile/.tar.gzbz2//} freeswitch

If there are problems with the current public release, the developers may request that you install the current branch or master development for diagnosis.


  1. Use the Finder to navigate to the /usr/local/src/freeswitch directory.
  2. Scroll to and double-click modules.conf in the freeswitch directory, the first time requires application selection, Textedit should be used.
  3. Search for "flite" and remove the # to uncomment.
  4. Save the file.



If this is your first FreeSWITCH™ don't add more than the FLITE module. Some modules may have prerequisites in addition to what is listed in this procedure.


Compile, Create Additional Source Directories and Check for Errors


To update Homebrew and its formulas run "brew update" in Terminal, this should be run prior to upgrading packages. To upgrade all packages, run "brew upgrade", or to upgrade a single package run "brew upgrade package-name" command.




Removing FreeSWITCH™


Code Block
rm -rf /usr/local/Cellar /usr/local/.git && brew cleanup
sudo rm -r /Library/Caches/Homebrew   # (macOS prompts for the administrator password)


Remove the Command Line Toole

  1. Move the /Library/Developer directory to the trash. Or delete it in Terminal (macOS prompts for the administrator password):
Code Block
  sudo rm -r /Library/Developer

Remove Everything Else