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The primary FreeSWITCH™ releases are: Current public release, recommended for production systems. Current branch, contains in-test fixes since current public release, intended as the next maintenance release. Master development, containing the latest fixes and features, intended as the next major release. Additional Information is located at Source Options.


Download Current Public Release

Current public release FreeSWITCH™ versions in zip format are downloaded Download the current public release of FreeSWITCH™ from freeswitch-files, then decompress, rename and move the unzipped directory to /usr/local/src. It's much easier to copy/paste the long line below into the You can copy the long line below and paste it into a Terminal command line. This single line performs: 1- Determines the latest public release available. 2- Downloads the compressed source file. 3- Decompresses the file into a folder in the current directory (should be /usr/local/src/). 4- Renames the folder to freeswitch.

Code Block
FSfile=$(curl -s | sed -n 's/.*"\(freeswitch\-[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.tar\.gzbz2\)".*/\1 /p' | tail -n 1) && echo Downloading $FSfile && curl$FSfile | tar -xzxj && mv ${FSfile/.tar.gzbz2//} freeswitch

If there are problems with the current public release, the developers may request that you install the current branch or master development for diagnosis.