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What is FreeSWITCH?

FreeSWITCH is an open source communications platform that can a Software Defined Telecom Stack enabling the digital transformation from proprietary telecom switches to a versatile software implementation that runs on any commodity hardware. From a Raspberry PI to a multi-core server, FreeSWITCH can unlock the telecommunications potential of any device. Combined with our hosted cloud platform, SignalWire, FreeSWITCH can interconnect with the outside world and scale to any size. (Visit for more info)

FreeSWITCH can handle voice, video and text communications from an IP Network (VoIP) and the PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network - regular landlines). FreeSWITCH supports all popular VoIP protocols as well as interfacing with PRIs. For a full listing of supported protocols see the Endpoints page. Some common capacities that FreeSWITCH is used for include


FreeSWITCH can run on many Platforms including Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, Solaris and even Windows.

If you don't want to operate your own server, the corporate sponsor of FreeSWITCH, SignalWire provides cloud hosted FreeSWITCH services from dedicated FreeSWITCH servers to auto-scaling cloud-hosted services.

 Although FreeSWITCH can run on many Linux distributions such Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and RHEL, our preferred distribution is Debian, this is because we have worked out all dependencies on Debian so you can have a smooth installation and startup. Debian is also what the FreeSWITCH developers use, therefore have the most experience with. If you run on other distributions you might have a hard time getting all dependencies right. For 1.6.x we support Debian Jessie. FreeSWITCH 1.8 is expected to support Debian Stretch.