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Running the macOS FreeSWITCH™ Installer

titleOne-Time macOS Security Setting

The first time macFI is launched, macOS security settings are required due to macOS security restrictionsmust be added. After the first attempt to run, go to System Preferences Security and General settings, click allow macFI to run. Restart macFI, additional System Preferences Security and Privacy settings are required as follows:

On macOS 10.14 Mojave and later: Under "Privacy" click Accessibility and set the MacFI on. Additional one-time authorization prompts are required.

Prior to Mohave: Open System Preferences –> Security & Privacy and under General set to allow macFI to run after the first time it's launched.


Where to go Next

 Instructions for starting and stopping FreeSWITCH™ are at macOS Testing and Diagnostics.


macFI Change History

June 20, 2020            Homebrew install command changed. Replaced ruby install homebrew with bash install.
March 20, 2020          Add CFLAGS="-Wno-unused-function" temporarily. See Issue #176 and #518.