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Record the audio associated with the given UUID into a file. The start command causes FreeSWITCH to start mixing all call legs together and saves the result as a file in the format that the file's extension dictates. (if available) The stop command will stop the recording and close the file. If media setup hasn't yet happened, the file will contain silent audio until media is available. Audio will be recorded for calls that are parked. The recording will continue through the bridged call. If the call is set to return to park after the bridge, the bug will remain on the call, but no audio is recorded until the call is bridged again. (TODO: What if media doesn't flow through FreeSWITCH? Will it re-INVITE first? Or do we just not get the audio in that case?)


Code Block
uuid_record <uuid> [start|stop|mask|unmask] <path> [<limit>]


Where limit is the max number of seconds to record.

If the path is not specified on start it will default to the channel variable "sound_prefix" or FreeSWITCH base_dir when the "sound_prefix" is empty.