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titleFreeSWITCH Master
pkg install autoconf automake curl git gmake jpeg ldns libedit libtool openssl pcre pkgconf speex sqlite3 wget sudo libsndfile lua52 opus tiff
mkdir ~/src
cd ~/src
git clone

cd freeswitch
./ -j
sudo gmake install cd-sounds-install cd-moh-install

If you get gmake error stating no-extended-offsetof, then execute code below and run ./configure again:

Code Block
sed -i' ' -e s:'-Wno-extended-offsetof:-Wno-invalid-offsetof -Wunknown-warning-option:' Makefile;
sed -i' ' -e s:'-Wno-extended-offsetof:-Wno-invalid-offsetof:' configure;

If you want to change directory prefix, enable Postgresql support, use configure like this (taken from FuxionPBX build script):