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A sample XML configuration with troubleshooting instructions are available here: Cisco Sample XML Config 79xx 

Cisco CP-88xx Series

Applies to CP-8841, CP-8851, CP-8861 at least.

Cisco documentation shows an incorrect template for BLF configuration. The correct XML line to watch another FreeSWITCH extension is:

<Extended_Function_n_>fnc=blf;sub=watched-phone@server;nme=Name to appear on display</Extended_Function_n_>

_n_ = number of the line button which will display the BLF state of the other extension, e.g. Extended_Function_5_
watched-phone = the FS user directory id, typically the extension number, e.g. 1001
server = FS server i.p. address or FQDN
nme = name to display on the phone screen next to this BLF button

Cisco SPA50X/SPA30X

For Cisco SPA 5xx/3xx phones, I had to do quite a bit of NAT setup. Login to the phone through the web interface as 'admin' with default password of 456. Click "Advanced" in top right corner. Click on the SIP tab. Scroll down to the NAT Support Parameters section. I set the first 6 dropdown boxes to YES. They are:
Handle VIA received,
Handle VIA rport,
Insert VIA received,
Insert VIA rport,
Substitue VIA Addr, and
Send Resp to Src Port.
They might not all be required, but it worked like this for me.