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Code Block
cd /tmp
apt-get install unzip
chmod +x fs-latest-installer-v1.6 
./fs-latest-installer-v1.6 /usr /usr/lib/freeswitch/mod
cp <HEX-KEY>.conf /etc/freeswitch/   # <--- must be "/etc/freeswitch" for its a hard coded path freeswitch_licence server will search

systemctl stop freeswitch
systemctl start freeswitch
fs_cli -x "load mod_com_g729"
fs_cli -x "g729_info"
# should see sucess
Success checking G.729A/0
G.729A license available => 5
G.729A license allocated => 0


Code Block
freeswitch> g729_info
Can't contact licence server.
systemctl stop freeswitch
pkill -HUP freeswitch_licence_server
systemctl start freeswitch


Download the fs-xxx-installer (currently file, make it executable and run it. This will install the module and supporting software to /usr/local/freeswitch or /opt/freeswitch (autodetected). If you are not using one of these directories for FreeSWITCH installation (e.g. using standard Debian directory layout), then you will need to pass two command line parameters: