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Interdigit timeout, in milliseconds. Default = 1500 msec. This sets the time to wait between individual dialed dialled digits. Mostly only useful in conjunction with play_and_get_digits in same dialplan extension.


Note that in this example we have taken '''*2''' away from bind_meta_app.

Catching the Digits



Sometimes it is useful to know what digit(s) the caller dialeddialled, especially when using a regular expression to capture digits. This is done with a channel variable called [[Variable_last_matching_digits|last_matching_digits]]. The channel variable is updated with each match. This dialplan snippet demonstrates how it works:

Code Block
<extension name="Bind a regex">
<condition field="dialed_number" expression="^(9921)$">
<action application="bind_digit_action" data="my_digits,~^\d+,exec:execute_extension,LOG_DIGITS XML default"/>
<action application="digit_action_set_realm" data="my_digits"/>

<extension name="Display digits dialeddialled">
<condition field="dialeddialled_number" expression="^LOG_DIGITS$">
<action application="log" data="INFO Called dialeddialled ${last_matching_digits}"/>
<action application="say" data=" en number iterated ${last_matching_digits}"/>