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ulimit -c unlimited # The maximum size of core files created.
ulimit -d unlimited # The maximum size of a process's data segment.
ulimit -f unlimited # The maximum size of files created by the shell (default option)
ulimit -i unlimited # The maximum number of pending signals
ulimit -n 999999    # The maximum number of open file descriptors.
ulimit -q unlimited # The maximum POSIX message queue size
ulimit -u unlimited # The maximum number of processes available to a single user.
ulimit -v unlimited # The maximum amount of virtual memory available to the process.
ulimit -x unlimited # ???
ulimit -s 240         # The maximum stack size
ulimit -l unlimited # The maximum size that may be locked into memory.
ulimit -a           # All current limits are reported.


Recommended SIP settings

  • Turn off every module you don't need that is not also needed by FreeSWITCH
  • Turn presence off in the profiles
  • libsofia only handles 1 thread per profile, so if that is your bottle neck use more profiles
  • mod_cdr_csv is slower than mod_xml_cdr
  • Reports of running more than a single instance of FreeSWITCH has helped.
  • Disable console logging when not needed - loglevel 0

Ethernet Tuning in linux

titleBeware buffer bloat

Prior to the bufferbloat guys coming in and talking to us there was a note in here that one should "set the buffers to maximum." That advice is WRONG on so many levels. To make a long story short, when you're doing real-time media like VoIP you absolutely do not want large buffers. On an unsaturated network link you won't notice anything, but when you have a saturated network the larger buffers will cause your RTP packets to be buffered instead of discarded.