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Each profile has its own settings element. Not only is this convenient — it's possible to set up one profile to use STUN and another, with a different gateway or working behind the firewall, not to use STUN — but it's also crucial. That's because each profile defines a SIP User Agent, and each UA must have its own unique "sip-port." By convention, 5060 is the default port, but it's possible to make calls to, e.g., "", and therefore you can define any port you please for each individual profile.

The conf directory contains a complete sample Vanilla configs contain complete samples of sofia.conf.xml file, along with comments. See Git examples: Internal internal, External external

Basic Parameters

<param name="alias" value="sip:"/>


In the simplest configuration, it will use the XML dialplan. This means that it will read data from mod_xml_curl XML dialplans (e.g., callback to your webserver), or failing that, from the XML files specified in freeswitch.xml dialplan section. (e.g. default_context.xml)


set which access control lists, defined in acl.conf.xml, apply to this profile

<param name="apply-inbound-acl" value="domains"/>