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After discussion withe the engineers, I've come to understand that the "enable-use-system-time" parameter is a work around for older machines with broken clock api's.

It's not recommended to use this setting in modern machines, as it's likely to break timing and other things... more notably when it comes to CDR's...
It's preferred to use monotonic timing like as NTP/UTC...

I hear it can be useful to use non-monotonic timing for debugging weird issues occasionally, but I dont have specifics how/when that may be used.
Using montonic timing is exactly how you address clock shift issues.

enable-use-system-time is something that may get removed from source code at some point, we've just not taken the time to remove it yet...



Number of event dispatch threads to allocate in the core. Default is 1.

If you see the WARNING "Create additional event dispatch thread" on a heavily loaded server, you could increase the number of threads to prevent the system from falling behind.


The maximum value is runtime.cpu_count / 2


amount of detail to show in log


Code Block
UUID 2016-11-18 11:05:53.309812 [DEBUG] mod_dialplan_xml.c:690 Dialplan: LOGDATA



Variables are default channel variables set on each channel automatically.


Example config

Code Block
<configuration name="switch.conf" description="Modules">
    <!--Most channels to allow at once -->
    <param name="max-sessions" value="1000"/>
    <param name="sessions-per-second" value="30"/>
    <param name="loglevel" value="debug"/>

    <!-- Maximum number of simultaneous DB handles open -->
    <param name="max-db-handles" value="50"/>
    <!-- Maximum number of seconds to wait for a new DB handle before failing -->
    <param name="db-handle-timeout" value="10"/>

  <!--Any variables defined here will be available in every channel, in the dialplan etc -->
    <variable name="uk-ring" value="%(400,200,400,450);%(400,2200,400,450)"/>
    <variable name="us-ring" value="%(2000, 4000, 440.0, 480.0)"/>
    <variable name="bong-ring" value="v=4000;>=0;+=2;#(60,0);v=2000;%(940,0,350,440)"/>