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string Activates the jitter buffer. The jitter buffer has three params: length, max length, and max drift.


<action application="set" data="jitterbuffer_msec=60:200:20"/>
<action application="answer"/>

Or to set it on the subsequent outbound call: export sets a variable on both the current channel and on any channels it creates, the nolocal: disables setting it on the current channel and only sets it on the subsequent outbound channels.

<action application="export" data="nolocal:jitterbuffer_msec=60"/>
<action application="bridge" data="sofia/default/"/>

You can also activate the jitter buffer in the bridge as follows:

<action application="bridge" data="{jitterbuffer_msec=60}sofia/gateway/$"/>

This will add a jitter buffer to packets flowing from a remote gateway towards a local freeswitch user. The network would look like this:

(local sip user) -----> FreeSWITCH -----> (remote gateway)

Where the link between the freeswitch and the remote gateway has a bad, jitter causing connection, and say the local sip user has no jitter buffering on their IP-phone. This will help the voice quality for the incoming audio.

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