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Last update: 17 Nov 2010

Inbound and outbound works. UK provider.

File: conf/sip_profiles/external/aql.xml

It is also possible to have a "SIP trunk" setup with AQL where multiple extensions come in to you at a fixed IP address, and outbound traffic is routed by them without registration. You need to set this arrangement up with them specifically and give them your fixed IP address. Set up outbound like this:

File: conf/sip_profiles/external/aql.xml

Inbound calls will come straight in on port 5060 - so you may want to swap the external sip profile to listen on port 5060 (and open 5060 in your firewall) and move the internal profile to listen on a different port. It isn't possible to configure the port via AQL's web site, but you may be able to ask them to use a different one.

DTMF RFC 2833 handling is a bit messed up on AQL's SIP trunks. If you find that DTMF isn't being recognized on outbound calls, set the rfc2833-pt param to 96 (default is 101) in your sofia profile. For more information on this issue see FSCORE-278.