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Last update: 9 May 2014








If you notice that Cepstral is having problems with a ptime of 30 vs 20, and you're getting errors like this:


You will need to set this in the sofia profile that you've configured to register with CallCentric:


DID Forwarding Works.


The fix below is no longer required! Left here in case it comes up for another provider.

In 2009 users had issues when making outbound calls using FreeSWITCH on CallCentric. The issue was usually a fast-busy, Call Rejected, or Proxy Auth Required. You could usually get 3 or so calls and then the next call might give one of those errors. CallCentric has fixed the issue with DNS Weight with their DNS SRV so the change below shouldn't be required, but if you do start to experience the above mentioned issues try this: