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Last update: 21 April 2014

Gateway config

Incoming and outgoing calls work. In conf/sip_profiles/outbound/ create a mynetfone.xml file with the following contents:

Quick note that it looks likely you will need to define the 'Outbound Caller ID Number' in the extension making the outbound call.

Accounts > Extensions > [Users Extension] > Edit. Locate 'Outbound Caller ID Number' and enter the MNF number. (Its possible you can use your DID too. I cant test this - if it works, can you update this entry to confirm!)

(NOTE: Im sure there is a more effective method, the above solution works, but is probably generally unsuitable for some implementations.)

Update: Found this reference to FusionPBX and setting the Outbound Caller ID FreeSWITCH User mailimg list posting

Dialplan Examples

To get started, the following dial plans will suffice for capturing local and national calls. Please note that these XML snippets were taken from a FusionPBX system and some of the actions may not apply. Important bits are the 'condition field' expression and the bridge action. Refer: Wikipedia - Telephone Numbers in Australia

GTW: Please note that I built these from virtually no experience with Regular Expressions. I would appreciate feedback/suggestions for improvements to these!

Local/State numbers (Missing area/country codes)

NOTE: The bridge will have the Country Code and (in this example) the NSW Area Code appended.

NOTE2: ${outbound_caller_id_number} should be set to your 09xxxxxx number, exactly the same as your SIP username (not DID or MNF web login) that you put in the sip_profiles MNF gateway config. [1]

National numbers (Area codes supplied)

NOTE: Will the bridge will have the Country Code appended.


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  1.  MNF now requires "from" in the SIP/SDP header must match exactly the Remote-Party-ID