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Last update: 16 March 2010

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Neotel requires you connect directly into their network. The configuration described below is based on a standard FreeSWITCH installation on a dual homed server.

IP addressing & DDI info

IN.IN.IN.IN - represents your internal NIC (LAN) IP address e.g.

EX.EX.EX.EX - represents your external NIC (WAN) IP address – this will be supplied to you by Neotel

SP.SP.SP.SP - represents the IP address of Neotel’s SIP server - this will be supplied to you by Neotel

DG.DG.DG.DG - represents the default gateway - supplied by Neotel

nnnnnnnnnn - represents a 10 digit telephone number (DID), from the range supplied to you by Neotel

Server configuration

This FS installation was done using an HP desktop with the following config:

• Windows Server 2008 SP1 • 2 GB RAM • Intel Core 2 Duo (E7400) 2.8GHZ • 150GB HDD • 2 x NICs

Network Configuration

For simplicity, turn off all firewall services on your FS server.

Setup your NICs as follows:

NIC 1 (LAN) • IP address: IN.IN.IN.IN / • No default gateway

NIC 2 (Neotel) • IP address: EX.EX.EX.EX / MASK (Supplied by Neotel) • Default gateway: DG.DG.DG.DG (Supplied by Neotel)


Test you can successfully PING the SIP Server (SP.SP.SP.SP)

Recommend you install Wireshark and run traces on your NICs to confirm that traffic is flowing.

Install FreeSWITCH

Download and install latest version of FreeSWITCH.

Recommend you make a backup copy of the FreeSWITCH\conf folder, in case you need to revert back to a clean config

Configure FreeSWITCH

All configuration is done in the FreeSWITCH\conf folder and subfolders

Modify vars.xml

Domain IP

Swap internal & external ports

Modify sip_profiles\internal.xml

Modify sip_profiles\external.xml


Modify directory\default.xml


Modify dialplan\public\00_inbound_did.xml

Replace the xml in dialplan\public\00_inbound_did.xml with:


Create dialplan\default\02_neotel_out.xml

In the dialplan\default folder, create a new xml file called 02_neotel_out.xml.

Paste the following xml into the new file and save:


Test configuration

Install Xlite and create an account with the following settings:


From XLite, dial a 10 digit number e.g. a mobile phone

From your mobile phone, dial your DID (nnnnnnnnn).

If you receive a SIP 500 Error, contact Neotel and ask them to reset/reconfigure your ports on their SBC.