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Last Update: 22 August 2012


Note - this guide is written by staff at SureVoIPIf you get stuck, require consultancy or just need any form of help please contact us.

SureVoIP is an Ofcom regulated Internet Telephony Service Provider supplying business VoIP products and services based in Scotland, UK.

SureVoIP can do SIP registration and can send your incoming calls to your registered IP address. Inbound calls can also be delivered to an IP address and port that you control via your control panel.

Outgoing calls can be authenticated via your registration or you can just authenticate when challenged. If you wish to be authenticated using a combination of IP address and caller ID number, you just need to ask.

An example gateway may look like:



Inbound routing in dialplan/public/10_surevoip.xml is then:


For outgoing calls:


A surevoip.xml gateway file which could be used for authentication by IP and Caller ID:


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