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Last update: 8 March 2011


WhistlePhone allows FREE calling (with a 20s ad announcement at the beginning on each call) to the continental US from anywhere in the World using its softphone hosted on a Mac/PC desktop computer or a supported Apple iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod Touch device. A WhistlePhone account can ONLY be created using its own softphone. So, one needs to download/install the softphone prior to create an account. Once an account is created, its SIP account is the assigned DID# (without 1) while its SIP password is the password used to login into its softphone. In order to be able to use the free calls 24/7, this requires the device to be online 24/7. For a desktop computer, this equates to a waste in electricity. To overcome this, it is possible to configure a SIP trunk on a FreeSWITCH system to register to the WhistlePhone SIP server ( Below is the SIP profiles for a WhistlePhone account:



Since WhistlePhone uses four SIP servers (,,, and to distribute its loads, this may pose a problem to FreeSWITCH in accepting an incoming invite if it is not from the same server where FreeSWITCH has registered to. To overcome this problem, we need to create a SIP profile that will register to all WhistlePhone SIP servers as shown below:


Use the following dialplan to process outbound calls.

conf/dialplan/default/ (for outbound calls)

NOTICE: This is just a quick hack to get the job done. If you know of an efficient way to do this, please feel free to update the above XML sip_profile for WhistlePhone.