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mod_xml_rpc allows you to use the webapi - firing any API from the web browser just as you would from the FS console!

API command documentation can be found in the mod_commands section.


To use, you must enable this module within the conf/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml file and restart the switch. You can configure the module (HTTP port, domain, login/password) within the conf/autoload_configs/xml_rpc.conf.xml file.

The basic syntax would be:

http://<freeswitch-hostname-or-IP>:8080/webapi/<api command>

For example:


  • HTTP only, no HTTPS
  • port 8080
  • Typical HTTP authentication - username, password (default is freeswitch/works)

Generally, the web root is {prefix}/freeswitch/htdocs.

Other HTML/JavaScript/etc. files in htdocs will get served up as requested.

When using an API command that has more than one word, use a question mark to separate the first and second words, then a space for the rest.


Returning data to the webpage using Lua and stream:write

To execute a FS command from a web page and display the result in the webpage use:

Using webapi with curl


show channels, text output
curl -s -S -G -X GET \
      --user login:password  \
      --data-urlencode "channels" \
5d2ae508-ab6b-11ea-88cb-311ce82e049e,inbound,2020-06-10 18:40:20,1591828820,sofia/internal/1019@,CS_EXECUTE,1019,1019,,55,echo,,XML,default,PCMU,8000,64000,PCMU,8000,64000,,hostname.local,1019@,,1019,ACTIVE,,,,,,,1019,1019,,55,XML,default

1 total.

show channels, xml output
curl -s -S -G -X GET \
      --user login:password  \
      --data-urlencode "channels as xml" \
<result row_count="1">
  <row row_id="1">
    <created>2020-06-10 18:40:20</created>

show channels, json output
curl -s -S -G -X GET \
      --user login:password  \
      --data-urlencode "channels as json" \
      '' | jq
  "row_count": 1,
  "rows": [
      "uuid": "5d2ae508-ab6b-11ea-88cb-311ce82e049e",
      "direction": "inbound",
      "created": "2020-06-10 18:40:20",
      "created_epoch": "1591828820",
      "name": "sofia/internal/1019@",
      "state": "CS_EXECUTE",
      "cid_name": "1019",
      "cid_num": "1019",
      "ip_addr": "",
      "dest": "55",
      "application": "echo",
      "application_data": "",
      "dialplan": "XML",
      "context": "default",
      "read_codec": "PCMU",
      "read_rate": "8000",
      "read_bit_rate": "64000",
      "write_codec": "PCMU",
      "write_rate": "8000",
      "write_bit_rate": "64000",
      "secure": "",
      "hostname": "hostname.local",
      "presence_id": "1019@",
      "presence_data": "",
      "accountcode": "1019",
      "callstate": "ACTIVE",
      "callee_name": "",
      "callee_num": "",
      "callee_direction": "",
      "call_uuid": "",
      "sent_callee_name": "",
      "sent_callee_num": "",
      "initial_cid_name": "1019",
      "initial_cid_num": "1019",
      "initial_ip_addr": "",
      "initial_dest": "55",
      "initial_dialplan": "XML",
      "initial_context": "default"

curl -s -S -G -X GET \
      --user login:password   \
      --data-urlencode "<uuid> record_sample_rate 8000" \
start stream rtmp
curl -s -S -G -X GET \
      --user login:password   \
      --data-urlencode "<uuid> start rtmp://domain.local/stream:teststream" \

use uuid_buglist
curl -s -S -G -X GET \
      --user login:password   \
      --data-urlencode "<uuid>" \

Initiate call with silence in channel
curl -s -S -G -X GET \
       --user login:password \
       --data-urlencode "{origination_caller_id_number={number from}}sofia/{profile}/sip:{user}@{domain} silence XML play" \
  <context name="play">
	<extension name="play-silence_stream" continue="true">
      <condition field="destination_number" expression="^silence$">
        <action application="answer"/>
        <action application="endless_playback" data="silence_stream://-1"/>
Start stream media in the channel
curl -s -S -G -X GET \
      --user login:password  \
      --data-urlencode "{uuid} {/path/to/file/file} both" \
Pause/resume stream in the channel
curl -s -S -G -X GET \
      --user login:password  \
      --data-urlencode "{uuid} pause" \

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