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Deployment Options For FreeSWITCH

By: Fred Muteesa Category: Blog Posted: September 18, 2017

Do you know how cheap it is to dive into telephony with FreeSWITCH? You can just wake up one day and decide you want to build a simple network, or you say, “I want to build a robust network with redundancy, load balancing and all that fancy stuff.” I came to realize that in the world of open-source, where FreeSWITCH exists, this has never been very possible like it is today.

In this article, I will be describing deployment scenarios for FreeSWITCH and some of the possible things you can achieve by using FreeSWITCH. This article will benefit both home, personal, and medium to large scale business.

FreeSWITCH out of the box, supports video using its Verto module. You can have video conferences and even audio only. Anyone can call into the conference and you have no limit on how many people can participate in that conference. Honestly, think about that. You don’t have to upgrade or pay for a license. This opens up endless possibilities. Whether you already knew this or you are just discovering it today the best is yet to come. Continue reading…

Having been in the open-source and VoIP world for quite some time now, let me tell you, much as IPV6 is coming, IPV4 is not going out any time soon. Well, not as fast as we anticipated. Hence, NAT is still being used in many networks out there, and we all know how NAT causes one way audio and other unpleasant audio rtp issues, well with FreeSWITCH, all that trouble is solved for you. FreeSWITCH takes the trouble for you and delivers you a clean audio call. Having talked about audio and video, FreeSWITCH supports an endless list of free codecs and among those we have wideband codecs like g722 which gives you that super quality sound you are looking for.

Cross platform:

Did I mention that FreeSWITCH is an open-source software? It’s actually built to support all operating systems including windows? Oh yes, there is a .msi and .exe file for that as well. No matter what operating system you are using, FreeSWITCH remains free.

FreeSWITCH features:

The list is endless when it comes to the features of FreeSWITCH. All features of FreeSWITCH are documented here and if you would like to know more information about a particular feature you can contact the FreeSWITCH team who are active all the time and they will be delighted to get back to you with solutions. We shall be discussing most of the features in our upcoming blogs.

Are you a large enterprise?

You should look at FreeSWITCH’s Enterprise Deployment section to see the possibilities.

Imagine if your customers would call a DID number and they are able to interact with your IVR, and then open tickets, get self-help and close their own tickets. Your imagination is the limit with FreeSWITCH. With FreeSWITCH’s text to speech modules, you can have clients speak into your network and get help.

You might need an SBC which FreeSWITCH can really handle. Check out more info here.

Being a large company,  you will want to interconnect with the outside world from your internal network. FreeSWITCH supports various protocols to help you achieve this.  It can interconnect with all SIP end-points and it can be configured with  SS7/PRI to talk to PSTN networks.

Are you a medium sized business?

You will need a PBX, billing system, database for call analysis, call recording, advanced IVR and use the call recording features for FreeSWITCH.

For databases, FreeSWITCH supports very many databases started from postgres, mysql, couchdb, sqlite.

FreeSWITCH has recently created sample IVR voices by Allison. These will make sure you have the most relevant sounds of your system out of the box.


Are you a sole proprietor or a small business?

You might just need a simple IVR or virtual reception?

You need to also to make outbound calls through a provider whether voip or pstn?


Are you an app developer or someone who just wants to try things out?

FreeSWITCH has a million undiscovered modules that have not been used. Below are just a few or many things?

You can listen to FreeSWITCH endpoint events in real-time using mod_esl module of FreeSWITCH.

There are complete scripts that have been pretested and are working. These will help you get started with your discovery. Not to forget, these scripts have been written in all the most common languages, C, python, perl, php, javascript, lua … still not happy?  Let me say it again…,The whole of Freeswitch is open-source. You can download the source and play with it, contribute to the code or even donate to the project.



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