ignore replay errs when nack is enabled

fix some buffering bugs in vlc and set mod_conference to match the rate and channels when calling vlc files

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recording tweak

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add mov

set decoded read mode

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vlc endpoint stereo support, add vlc_rate and vlc_channels

squash, add missing cond

another round of cleanup

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move name to main page

move name to main page

working towards vid rec

speed up webm, looks good now

seems webm segs just because it was slow, waiting for the callback finish before clean up

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clean up more from yesterday

squash, typo

tweak timer so do not need /1000

support float audio, so webm possibly works

it can save to webm, video is so slow, even slow down echo

segs sometimes

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initial version of record_av to record mp4 it generate better compatible mp4 than vlc, so it compatible with quicktime and safari except that the first few video frames messed up, maybe some pts issue, to be fixed

it should also possible to do webm if we can convert S16 to planer float samples which is required by webm vorbis codec

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A bunch of stuff:

Get filehandles working with video in some cases (if using vlc://):

mod_conference for play and record video (will record the canvas in mix mode or floor holder in non-mix mode)

regular playback app should be able to play vlc streams

Add no-minimize-encoding member flag so particilar memebers can opt out of that setting and still get their own encoded stream (for bw related needs)


mod_vlc is a mess. Find a way to merge video_context and file_context. They are very similar and they are intertwined and messy.

Find out why vlc creates messed up mp4 files that don't play everywhere

Get VLC so it can record aac, mp4x webm

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add sync offset default to 500ms

slow down vlc callback by syncing with video flow

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buffer video too for vlc

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FS-6758 and other related behavior, also change to answer behavior to mimic what users tend to expect from cisco phones.

Updatd SKINNY on-hook action to hang up all calls on a device, except those in a short list of call states (or perform a blind transfer).

Added a hook after completing the hangup operation to start ringing if there is an inbound call active on the device.

Reorder received calls on skinny

squash fix leak

First crack at recording mp4 <action application="capture_video" data="vlc://#transcode{vcodec=h264,acodec=mp3}:std{access=file,mux=mp4,dst=/var/www/sounds/file.mp4}"/>

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Fix mod_openh264 include

fix typo

tweak conference config a little and clean up comment consistency