FS-9381: [mod_sofia] fix leak in sofia_presence_chat_send

broken rev WIP rework dht api

add ks_addr_copy for upcoming dht refactor

FS-9357 handle packet loss, reset decoder on mem err

FS-9357 cleanup and tweak debug

FS-9376 #comment please try this

remove binary

add ks_ip_route and fix tests

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use pkg-config for libuuid

FS-9373 #resolve make add mod-verto and mod-rtc to freeswitch-meta-all debian package




FS-9334 revert

Getting rid of another log statement with unprintable characters.

Fix broken response to DHT find_node

Remove printing of values with unprintable characters

Fix memory access found by clang address sanitizer

tmp hack for mac support

Adding proper init of ks and shutdown functions

move sodium init to core

Now with a callback for incoming cJSON messages. This API is alpha, and is expected to change.

Enable message update for mutable messages.

Part of a fix for too long token.

FS-9357 #resolve [VP9 codec screenshare on mod_conference (mux/transcode) does not work]

FS-9342 [verto_communicator] Only copy data to storage when closing the settings

clean up noisy configure

Add logging of key when new entry is added.