FS-10193: [freeswitch-core] Implement filter in openssl to enable proper dtls MTU #resolve

FS-10167: Added testacl to windows build, builds and runs under windows. Added missing testwebsock.vcxproj file that was missing on a prior commit.

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FS-10167: Fixed small ISO C compliancy issue for windows build vs linux build of testwebsock

FS-10167: Added testwebsock to windows build, completely removed precompiled openssl dependancy and injected the use of core library openssl build, everything seems to build and work for windows thus far.

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    /libs/win32/Download OPENSSL.2015.vcxproj
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FS-10167: Removed testmmap as it is no longer relevant, removed windows fake mmap layer which was broken and replaced with direct allocator

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FS-10167: Fixed issue with eating processor when ks_sleep() is called on windows, testthreadmutex is now fully functional on windows as well, all tests are passing

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FS-10167 extra unlock

FS-10167 auto change state when joining a thread out of the blue

fix sanitize addr

FS-10167 WIP getting rid of mmap

FS-10167 track joins and only do them once

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FS-10167 fix issues in the thread code

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FS-10167 encore

FS-10184: [Build-System] Fix missing #ifdefs for proper build w/o libyuv/libvpx

FS-10183 [mod_sofia] Broadsoft Shared line pickup would fall if a-leg is PCMU and your pickup device has G722 as its first codec.

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FS-10167 contd

Merge pull request #1218 in FS/freeswitch from ~DRAGOS_OANCEA_NX/freeswitch-dragos-nx:feature/FS-10115-ogg_extension_assoc to master

* commit 'f1b756c63179ab0c5f8f8cb886f9baecedd9f83e':

FS-10115: [mod_sndfile] add ".ogg" extension to mod_sndfile (map audio OGG format to ".ogg" extension too, not only to ".oga") (and change mem pool)

FS-10167: Added testmmap to isolate page allocation issues under windows, vs project coming soon

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FS-10180: [mod_sofia] Move debug line to higher level #resolve

FS-10167 fix invalid size passed into free

FS-10167 complile issues for mac sierra

FS-10167: Temporary commit to test some weirdness with pool freeing and memory mapping

Merge pull request #1227 in FS/freeswitch from ~NBLASGEN/freeswitch:bugfix/FS-10128-v8-socket-implementation-uses-strlen to master

* commit 'fabe27abde36044e917e9ac396ee0ca2f05b8535':

FS-10128 [mod_v8] This commit removes strlen() in favor of binary safe .length() function

Merge pull request #1204 in FS/freeswitch from ~DRAGOS_OANCEA_NX/freeswitch-dragos-nx:fix_vol_conference_member to master

* commit '5d35744fb2870f1c22a987b809d2f7677b24b66c':

FS-10087: fix for volume level per member of conference (volume level when playing file)

Merge pull request #1238 in FS/freeswitch from ~ANTONIO/freeswitch:bugfix/FS-10174-sefgault-in-mod_conference-after to master

* commit 'bd4b835c4c32b0e1c6f31e618ed1804f7e53886a':

FS-10174 [mod_conference] fix segfault after playing alone-sound when video is not enabled

Merge pull request #1239 in FS/freeswitch from ~J0SH/freeswitch:fs10126 to master

* commit '624d3dd0f52c02e1b9c2ad69867328e9ad1b0143':

FS-10126: Add 24fps mode.

FS-10167: Fixed sockets in libks, testsock now runs correctly under windows

FS-10167: Fixed a bug in ks_pool alloc_mem that assumes memory is zeroed before incrementing reference count rather than assigning it, which worked on linux test for some reason but failed under windows test which identified the issue.

FS-10167: Switched reader writer lock code to use ks_thread_self_id instead of ks_thread_self, which is more appropriate and resolves a couple issues related to duplicating handles for windows. Clean compiling across all tests on windows now, updated all of the solution and project files for required changes.

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