FS-8338 #resolve [Ringback does not work correctly on stereo channels]

FS-8338 #resolve [Ringback does not work correctly on stereo channels]

FS-6833 FS-6834 found a few missing content-types in requests/resonses with sdp that were outside the norm

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FS-8335 #resolve fix small error check that results in error message not being displayed.

FS-8331 [verto_communicator] #resolve Do not show reconnect splash when user click in logout

FS-8306 Now command queues can specify the queue to subscribe to. This enables very interesting use cases that would involve single job queue, and multiple consumers.

FS-8306 #resolve if the exchange doesn't exist, then create it, else fail. This resolves several error cases.

FS-8329 #resolve Also fixes default configs to keep in line with a change made for Fs-7806 FS-7803

Merge pull request #542 in FS/freeswitch from ~SSINYAGIN/freeswitch:bugfix/FS-7910-systemd-service-ignores-etc-default-freeswitch to master

* commit 'b2bcc8b2dd449cbe30bdfc5428e36171762cbd3e':

FS-8194 FS-7910 FS-7937 systemd service improvements

Enabling mod_amqp and mod_hiredis to be built by default for automation systems

tweak testing config #ignoreme

FS-8328 'else' keyword is missing #resolve

FS-8233 Clean up formatting

FS-8316 more clean code this way

Merge pull request #551 in FS/freeswitch from bugfix/FS-8234 to master

* commit '2fce618f63e3f1f3b43d3d79318e8646243eea38':

FS-8234 #resolve

FS-8320 #resolve [ZRTP broken in commit 06c56a037eb0b750ee41c46838a8729de9798d84]

FS-8179 regression setting fec_decode breaks output on stereo calls

FS-8316 resolving the build warnings in one more module

FS-8271 If using system apt repo list, then include the supplementary ones too.

FS-8234 #resolve

set running -1

FS-6833 add content-type header to ack with sdp

FS-8194 FS-7910 FS-7937 systemd service improvements


* starting the daemon as root and switchig to freeswitch user

* respecting the options in /etc/default/freeswitch

* RuntimeDirectory parameter is replaced with a tmpfiles.d entry

because /run/freeswitch has to be owned by freeswitch user

* instructions how to start it as non-root


* this defines the PID directory with correct permissions

debian/bootstrap.sh, debian/rules:

* proper handling of freeswitch.service

* deleted debian/freeswitch-systemd.install because it caused an error

in dh_install because it's run before dh_installinit

* renamed: freeswitch-sysvinit.freeswitch.default -> freeswitch-systemd.freeswitch.default

because sysvinit support will eventually die out


* run "systemctl enable freeswitch" if systemctl is available

CAVEAT: only one option is supported in /etc/default/freeswitch because the

variable ${DAEMON_OPTS} is expanded as a single token. This will be fixed

as soon as freeswitch-sysvinit is removed from freeswitch-all.

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FS-8271 clarify help text

FS-8271 fixing bash typo

FS-8271 defaulting to automatically download the binary deps because without major changes to package building in cowbuilder(which is the primary supported method of building FS packages), you can't access the network to build the binary packages from the source package.

FS-8271 Now the default will build packages with the upstream FS package repos. This is a change in the default behavior of the debian packaging system with the justification that in 1.6 it is now required to use the FS public repo for deps because system dependancies have been removed from the FS codebase which use to be included.

FS-7929 #resolve [ignore_early_media=true behaviour]