Brian West

update squash me

tweak fscore_pb to use new pastebin API

Revert "FS-8704: Add min-members, wait-min-members-timeout, wait-mod-timeout, wait-min-members-timeout-message, wait-mod-timeout-message, endconf-mod-exit-message, and endconf-message parameters and functionality to mod_conference."

This reverts commit c39fbb295f6b9bc01baa5dbfc578e12022c088ae.

FS-9076 #resolve


FS-8898 log setVariable at debug, so you can tell what variables are being set with ease from scripts


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sigh, dss keys are depricated


Merge pull request #735 in FS/freeswitch from ~DCOLOMBO/freeswitch:bugfix/FS-8911-fix-typo-in-conference_member to master

* commit '3e9e239864c61779acae58ad54639d63b8249f29':

FS-8911: fix typo in conference_member

FS-8878 fix compiling without the library installed

Merge pull request #722 in FS/freeswitch from ~DRAGOS_OANCEA/freeswitch-dragos:mod_amr-octet_aligned to master

* commit '8dcf8caa85c8aa9c451592292c5b4b6248e334d9':

FS-8878: mod_amr: make AMR NB transcode in octet-align mode (when compiled with HAVE_AMR)


FS-8891 #resolve [T38 fax fails between 2 freeswitch boxes, with high cpu usage (comparison overflow?)]

FS-8879 #resolve [SIP UPDATE and attended transfer]

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Merge pull request #720 in FS/freeswitch from ~SAFAROV/freeswitch2:vanilla_cleanup to master

* commit '4827e221146ffb95272c391d60f3c7f5fabcc285':

FS-8871: Fixed encoding "&" and "<" symbols in vanilla config

FS-8862 auto adjust on passthru

test script

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FS-8789: remove ability to swap to personal canvas while recording and prevent recording while personal canvas is on.

FS-8789 fix warning thats printed when it shouldn't be

FS-8715: [mod_sofia] make the oubound_proxy on the profile consistent with how we do the same thing on the gateway

FS-8640 #resolve Dont clear conference member reservation id on members that dont have a reservation ID

Merge pull request #606 in FS/freeswitch from ~MBRANCA/freeswitch:bugfix/FS-8565-txfax-fails-when-remote-party-changes to master

We've tested this with Yehavi and it does fix a problem that apparently happens a lot in the wild, and I have tested it against FS.

* commit 'd7b8394e501ae061926a78a1d45a0be8aafb6907':

FS-8565 update initial rtp from address when auto changing port so we can avoid false later comparisons

tweak ignore

tweaks %ignore


FS-8553 [config] include verto_contact into the dial-string in the samples

FS-8053 typo2

FS-8404: if media engine will default to PCMU/PCMA if you don't specify any codecs

Merge pull request #576 in FS/freeswitch from ~NNEUL/freeswitch:bugfix/fs-8308 to v1.4

* commit 'aaddce34c0a036a7e527b35f100ab32391697020':

FS-8308 need to double encode if urlencoding json that is already encoded