Brian West

Fix mod_openh264 include

tweak conference config a little and clean up comment consistency

FS-7322 #resolve

FS-7313 #resolve any further issues in this code it will just be removed

FS-7307 #resolve dont session log in an api command as there is no session

FS-7230 #comment try this #resolve

FS-7230 #comment try this #resolve

FS-7301 #comment set the tx-reinvite-packet-count to 400, seems we are too fast for the remote in this case which is causing your failure #resolve

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

Add more debug aliases

FS-7297 #comment update the make target installer

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govg alias

FS-7230 #resolve #comment please update

FS-7230 #resolve #comment please update

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

Update .bashrc with some helper aliases

Tweak Cent5 auto build

FS-7270 look for -bin first

FS-7270 tweak for jesse

FS-7270 #resolve libtool or libtool-bin will do

FS-7270 remove libtool-bin since this is specific to Jesse, update libjpeg-dev to libjpeg8-dev sigh why change the name of the package

FS-7235 #comment try this

FS-7235 #comment try this

FS-7217: #resolve #comment use upper when you query

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FS-7208 #comment _undef_ as the header and/or ident will make it be an empty string which is the same you were doing on your local builds #resolve

FS-7211 #comment another exception #resolve

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FS-7205 #comment do not url encode unless an at sign is in the uri #resolve

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FS-7180: when using system lua, properly link against reanmed library versions on debian for mod_lua

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FS-7180: let esl lua module build against lua 5.1 or 5.2 (requires newer swig)

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Merge pull request #162 in FS/freeswitch from ~MARKUSL/freeswitch:FS-7151 to master

* commit '5c5b9fcd2174adcff0d9ca235d41864a062144fe':

If available, use libjpeg-turbo in Debian build dependencies