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Five Cool IOT Products

By: Abbi Minessale Category: Blog Posted: June 01, 2017

We are transitioning into a very exciting burst of technology where regular things are being upgraded into internet capable things that can talk to our smartphones and make our lives slightly more convenient. Some of these things revolutionize their given industry and some things are just fun. Here is a list of Internet of Things products that made me say “oooooh that looks cool” … Part one.

TableConnect Coffee Table:

The TableConnect Coffee Table is pretty much a giant Android tablet, which by default is much cooler than a regular tablet. They come in two different sizes: giant, and slightly less giant, for rent or sale. They can also be propped up vertically to create a smart display for general marketing purposes and app demonstrations. Most importantly, this coffee table is the coolest way to play Fruit Ninja. Do they make an Otter-box for tables?

Flux Bluetooth bulb:  

The Flux Smart Bulb is a lightbulb controlled by your smartphone and has a color palette of 16 million different colors. You can sync the bulb to your music or set it to turn on automatically at a certain time, all from the app. On top of that, this lightbulb is also a speaker, making it perfect for listening to music in the shower, throwing a really cool Halloween party, or just siting and watching the colors change. Alternatively, these would also be great for pranks. Imagine how confused your guests will be when the living room turns purple and all the lights start playing Footloose. Compatibility with Alexa means you don’t even have to lift a finger to pull it off.

Behmor Brewer:

This is a coffee maker that you can control from your phoneWhich is awesome. If you’re anything like me, you need coffee in the morning but are way too tired to make it. Not only can you pre-program your coffee to make itself (assuming you’ve already put the beans in at an earlier time) but you can also control how long the beans are presoaked and at what temperature. This doesn’t just help you to be lazy, it also helps you make an amazing cup a’ joe. Imagine waking up every morning to the sweet relieving scent of freshly brewed coffee…that is what heaven must be like.



This is so cute. It’s a Fitbit for your dog. The FitBark monitors your dog’s activity and sleep patterns so you can keep your pup healthy and happy. FitBark also lets you know if your dog is meeting its fitness goals by keeping track of how often you go on walks. Now you can have a device that shames you and your dog for not getting enough exercise. Their app also has a social media platform where you can meet other dogs…which I didn’t know I needed until now.


Withings Scales:

Withings scales are designed for keeping track of human health. They come in two models, Body and Body Cardio. This highly advanced scale can accurately measure not only weight, but BMI plus body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, plus standing heart-rate and pulse wave velocity to keep track of cardiovascular health. Every time you step onto the scale these measurements are automatically synchronized to the app to help you keep track of your overall health.

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