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FreeSWITCH 1.6.12 released!

By: kathleen Category: Releases Posted: October 11, 2016

The FreeSWITCH 1.6.12 release is here!

This is also a routine maintenance release. Change Log and source tarball information below.

Release files are located here:

New features that were added:

  • FS-9242 [mod_verto] Convert to adapter.js
  • FS-8955 [verto_communicator] Adding DTMF shortcuts and handling DTMF history on DTMF widget
  • FS-9601 [mod_opus] Make adjustable bitrate mutually exclusive with FEC enforcing on the decreasing trend, add step calculation for bitrate adjustment, fix bug on context settings
  • FS-8644 [mod_opus] OPUS_SET_BITRATE(), codec control and estimators for packet loss and RTT (with Kalman filters) to detect a slow or congested link. Feature enabled with "adjust-bitrate" in opus.conf.xml - it's a feedback loop with incoming RTCP.

Improvements in build system, cross-platform support, and packaging:

  • FS-8623 [build] Fixed sun studio build errors building libvpx
  • FS-9553 [core] Refactor video-on-hold
  • FS-9616 [libvpx] Update libvpx to latest upstream
  • FS-9618 [libyuv] Update libyuv to latest upstream

The following bugs were squashed:

  • FS-9574 [mod_verto] We shouldn't print data set on the buffer because of the potential security issues
  • FS-9508 [verto_communicator] Adding AGC option on settings, enabled by default
  • FS-7876[verto_communicator] Adding hold button for video calls
  • FS-9242[verto.js] Fixed screen share for chrome to work in VC with additional camera
  • FS-9586[mod_local_stream] Fixed the local_stream video queue sticking when not being read from
  • FS-9610[core] Video keyframe requests not being propagated properly
  • FS-9612[core] RTCP-MUX wrongly enabled in cases where answer contains RTCP but offer didn't / remote
    address not obtained in UDPTL mode
  • FS-9580[core] Add auto adjust for RTCP separate from RTP for sync NAT
  • FS-9548[core] Crash on Invite due to bad config for sip profile
  • FS-9498 [mod_conference] Fixed a regression with 100% cpu

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