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FreeSWITCH at AstriCon!

By: Abbi Minessale Category: Blog Posted: October 16, 2017
Last weekend FreeSWITCH had the joy of attending AstriCon!  The team had an amazing time and was honored to meet with other members of the open-source community!
On the first day there Kathleen saw an alligator! The true sign of Florida.

Before they attended the conference the team visited Disney’s Epcot!
Sharon got to order fish and chips from the London area and was very excited at its authenticity!

The Next Day the Team arrived at the Omni Orlando and began setting up the FreeSWTICH booth!
The next day Anthony Minessale gave a speech titled “the Journey to WebRTC!”  Anthony talked about how they implemented WebRTC into FreeSWITCH as well as their positive past with Astersik and what inspired them to move on to their own projects. He said that as developers, their creativity was sometimes a disruptive force and that it was time to go “play in their own sandbox.” He had a wonderful time and was happy to be asked so many good questions!

Later that day, Anthony participated in an open-source panel with other lead developers in the industry! The team really appreciates how supportive the entire open-source community is of each other in our shared goal of problem solving!

Jame’s Body’s “Dangerous Demos” was a success as always! There were many interesting entries and a lot of fun!

The team really enjoyed the reception that night and the Happy Hour the second night! Old friends were reunited and new ones were made!

Thank you to Asterisk for hosting your conference and welcoming the team! We cherish all opportunities to meet with industry professionals face-to-face and reach out to new and old members of our community.

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