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FreeSWITCH Northeastern talk

By: kathleen Category: Blog Posted: April 10, 2017

The FreeSWITCH team was recently asked to speak to a IP Telephony class. This class is part of the masters in telecommunications systems management program within Northeastern's graduate school of engineering. The students are part of a program that provides a comprehensive overview of IP telephony architectures and protocols, with emphasis on SIP, the Session Initiation Protocol.

Topics covered in the class include a review of classical circuit-switched telephony, especially signaling; a review of IP networking, especially routing and addressing; peer and master-slave protocols for IP telephony (SIP, H.323, MGCP); speech coding; the transport of real-time traffic over IP (RTP and RTCP); bandwidth control; issues in network quality of service, such as traffic modeling, dimensioning, and QoS mechanisms; IMS; messaging protocols and systems; browser and API driven telephony applications, and Unified Communications. Emphasis on SIP includes call flows, network components, and services. Focus is placed on execution of hands on labs and semester long projects to provide hands on learning in a small team environment.

The FreeSWITCH team presented using the Verto communicator to discuss the ins and outs of FreeSWITCH as well as discussing some of the finer points of of the industry from a FreeSWITCH perspective. Starting with the origin of FreeSWITCH and then leading into the features and common configuration questions and giving these students the opportunity to ask questions and hear the origin story of a leading open-source communication project first-hand. The team was honored to be able to reach out to the next generation of communications enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy listening to this presentation as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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