FreeSWITCH Project Releases Version 1.4 Beta with WebRTC Media Support

The FreeSWITCH team is very proud to announce that FreeSWITCH 1.4 beta is now available. The community will benefit greatly from all of the effort that has gone into producing a version of FreeSWITCH that supports WebRTC media streams.


WebRTC is a technology poised for explosive growth. By some estimates, there will be three billion WebRTC-enabled devices and endpoints by 2016. Having this new technology in FreeSWITCH will ensure that developers and users will always have a robust platform on which to build solutions that can utilize WebRTC, VoIP, and traditional telephony. Additionally, FreeSWITCH allows these solutions to be built completely with FOSS technologies.


Try it online with our FlowRoute powered demo at

We would like to take time to thank the following sponsors who helped make the new FreeSWITCH possible:

We appreciate companies like these as well as individuals who work very hard to make sure that FreeSWITCH continues to innovate while remaining free software.

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